What is within you will come to light, and come to life.

You have a unique purpose. Whether yours is clear to you or you’ve only seen glimpses of it, now is the time to align your life to it.

When your mind is clear, you can create infinite possibilities.

As a professional coach, I bring to light each client’s unique strengths and their power to achieve their goals. Through my evidence-based coaching process, my clients are transformed by shifting their limiting beliefs to unlimited possibilities.

Where’s your focus?


The one thing we can always count on is change. Life changing events affect us all and can often cause you to re-examine your current sense of self. Navigating through these transitions presents an opportunity to align your path with your purpose. I help you shift the focus from limitations to a path of infinite possibilities.


I’ve found that people in recovery have a strong spiritual connection. I will show you how you can access your amazing power to create a fulfilling life.

Career and education

What better time to create what you really want than right now? I help you shift from feeling like you have to “choose” a career or academic path, to a mindset of creating your unique path. You will soon see unlimited possibilities!

Emerging Adults

I especially love to coach emerging adults (ages 17-25). I believe that the earlier you explore life’s questions, the easier it will be to respond to the pressures of big decisions, life transitions, and other surprises. My approach is to address these external challenges from the inside out. Self-discovery and connection lay a foundation for a sense of purpose, focus, and future orientation. Take a look at some of my Emerging Adult podcasts.

The idea of making your vision a reality can seem like an overwhelming task. I’ve found that if you simply take the first step, the momentum will build, and you’ll get excited and inspired! Soon enough, you’ll find yourself exactly where you’re meant to be.

If you're ready to work, she'll be by your side every step of the way.

Suzy Gadol Anderson, LCSW  Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Therapist

With Jenni you will experience a healthy balance of acceptance, insight, and motivation to succeed in attaining your goals.

Brittany Bridges, LPC  Licensed Professional Counselor

Jenni Hubby is the whole package: positive outlook, joy-filled heart, and a survivor who has walked her own path through recovery to triumph.

Cheryl Fairbanks  D Magazine “Best Real Estate Agents in Dallas, 2015 & 2016” Winner

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